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Business Firewall Support Services - IT Consultants in Costa Mesa CA

Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your business firewall support needs. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

A simplified definition for a network firewall is that it is a tool that implements the traffic checking that has to be done (for security purposes) among two or more networks.

The network firewall has multiple missions; primarily, the firewall is in charge of monitoring, inspecting, and controlling inbound/outbound network traffic. The network firewall utilizes the user-defined preferences in order to determine whether to permit or deny communication with a specific network. Those user-defined preferences usually define the characteristics and the criteria by which the firewall determines whether to allow or discard the network traffic. Specifically, packets will be checked to examine their purposes. If the content represents hostile intrusion attempts, unauthorized attempts or patterns that match those of denial of service attacks, then the firewall will automatically block them.

As you can see, network firewalls are very important if you plan to separate your network from any others that you wish limited/controlled communication with. You can think of the firewall as if it were a family dog that only recognizes family and relatives or friends. It will allow them to enter the house but anyone who is not recognized, will be kept outside.

Server Firewalls
Servers are probably the most vital part of each and every network; thus, the server itself needs to be protected very well from possible external or internal attacks. There are many server firewalls available on the market, and each one provides it's very own features and security levels.

All server firewalls are deigned to protect the server; some of those firewalls do an excellent job while some of them simply aren't good enough. What remains is the fact that servers are the first components that need to be secured inside a network.

In order to achieve high-security levels, servers should be equipped with sophisticated firewall systems that utilize both software and hardware technologies. A software-only firewall is simply not enough to fulfill the needs of a server. This is not something to be ignored. If the security of the server is compromised, then there are many severe consequences for the whole network. Fintech Communications will provide a wide range of services for your firewall needs.

Security & VPN Services Include:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Network Access Control
  • Network Management
  • Security
  • VPN


Fintech Communications provided the small business technology solutions I needed to open my third location which has turned out to be the most profitable. Next time I need computer installation or troubleshooting for my business I know who to call.

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