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Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Voice Broadcast needs. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

Using A Voice Blast To Get Your Message Out

When you need to communicate quickly and efficiently with clients or customers, the most effective way to do so is using a voice blast. A voice blast is a method of communication that can market your message via automatic calling to thousands of individuals at a time. If your business depends on mass communication or advertising, you can benefit from the use of the voice blast.

The voice blast is a message of your own choosing that you program into your computer. For example, if your business is having a special sale, you might want to get the attention of the public by making this announcement. Using the voice blast is less expensive than print ads and can be much more effective. This will certainly get the attention of your target market.

The voice blast is usually programmed to send out a bulletin. In addition to businesses using this system, school districts and campaign offices also use the voice blast to send out announcements and information to the public. It is relatively easy to use and works through your computer.

When you use a company like Fintech Corporation, a noted telephony company that specializes in business communication solutions, you can get the type of communication device that will best serve your business needs. Most businesses depend on some form of advertising or communication with their customers. Hiring telemarketers to let customers or prospects know about a special deal you may be offering can be very costly and time consuming. By using a voice blast, you can get your message across right away, to thousands of people at a time.

You provide the data, such as phone numbers, into the system and record the message that you want to send. Data such as phone numbers can be chosen through demographics or picked up through sales leads. Your message can also be personalized with the use of this type of communication technology.

Print ads can be very costly and are rapidly becoming a marketing tool of the past as an increasing number of people are getting their news via the internet. The voice blast can allow you to reach your prospects more efficiently for less money than it would take to put out a large advertisement. You can continue to work with the same database and change the message periodically as a way to inform your clients and customers of any new developments with your business.

If your business is still stuck using technology of years ago, you might be tossing your money away. If your advertising methods are restricted to print media ads and in house telemarketers, you may be wasting a great deal of money. Check out new technology that will enable you to reach out to customers and prospects through your computer system. Fintech has options that can suit all of your needs and work with any computer operating system.

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Our second remote office location is doing very well. Without the VOIP outsourcing consultants to do the IT strategy and integration needed we would have been disconnected from clients. The courtesy and understanding of your staff was outstanding.

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