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Cabling Contractors - IT Consultants in Costa Mesa CA

Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Cabling Contractor needs. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

As an expert cabling contractor, we can take care of your entire cabling system. We will make sure that everything is operating at the highest level. A reliable contractor is also responsible for providing equipment and doing installations related to a cabling system. This is what we do as a leading cabling contractor company serving Orange County businesses who are looking for the best solutions.

Some of the equipment we provide includes:

  • Server racks
  • Open racks
  • Cable ladder
  • Cable sleeves

A cabling contractor also works to maintain server rooms and wiring closets. This is also part of the cabling infrastructure. One of the important things that we are responsible for doing is to make sure that jacks and patch panels are properly labeled with color coding.

Here are some other areas in which we provide services:

  • Data - Our technicians work to maintain data networks on a regular basis. We use installation guidelines that have to be closely followed with nothing omitted. We also work to test the data networks on a regular basis.
  • Video - Video cabling uses coax and twisted pair cable. We make sure that they are installed properly.
  • Voice - The technicians can install phone, modem and analog lines anywhere they are needed.
  • Twisted Pair Cable - As a cabling contractor, we use twisted pair cables for LAN and voice systems installations.
  • Fiber Optic Cable - We can install and test the fiber that is installed in various systems. These methods are updated regularly, and the contractors work to keep up with any new developments.
  • Coax - used for audio, satellite and other communication systems.

Cabling contractors are responsible for scanning all cables upon installation. We use some of the best scanning devices in the technology sector. To keep them maintained, we calibrate on a regular basis.

Top cabling contractors make sure that they have the best qualified technicians that can fulfill the requirements of installations and other tasks. We conduct quality control checks for their systems on a regular basis.

A good contractor will work to make sure the systems continue to run properly. We will also conduct preventative maintenance to keep the systems from breaking down. This is an important step in order to keep the systems operating the way they should.

We work to make sure that the needs of the system are constantly met and go over and above to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their work.


When our network engineer left us for a bigger competitor, your outsourcing support solution allowed us to maintain business as usual during those difficult few weeks. We now have an IT firm to rely on and business has picked up. With your help our difficulties ultimately turned out to be a wonderful blessing.

Will Robineau,
Cadbury Software

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