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Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Auto Dialer needs. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

How Your Business Can Grow Using Auto Dialer

If you are relying on a group of telemarketers to place calls for you to potential customers or a team of debt collectors to try to recoup losses, you are using old fashioned technology. Your business needs can be better served by using an auto dialer. Not only can this work for sales and debt collection purposes, but it can also work if your business wants to send messages to existing customers or clients, without you having to rely on human calling. Having people work in your office to make calls, even on automation, can be time consuming and costly. You can get the same results with an auto dialer system.

An auto dialer is a form of telephony technology that allows you to record any message that you want and enter numbers into a data base system. The computer does the rest of the work, calling the numbers on your list and leaving the message for the recipient. It is not only businesses that use the auto dialer as a form of effective communication - most school districts are using this type of program to get messages across to parents such as a change in school schedule or school cancellations. Campaign offices rely heavily upon auto dialer to canvas for votes.

Using human beings at your office to make calls can prove to be expensive and actually a waste of time. Even when debt collecting, this can be costly as you normally pay people based upon an hourly rate or how many calls are placed. An auto dialer can alleviate these costs. The numbers can be put into your data base and the calls can continue to be made via the computer until you reach the recipients.

If you want to make an announcement, such as a special sale, you can also use auto dialer as a way to advertise to your marketing demographics about the sale. This can be much less expensive than print ads and studies show that it is also more effective at getting the attention of a potential customer. If you have an organization that needs to send out announcements, auto dialer can do so quickly and efficiently, making sure that the announcements are received. Schools often use auto dialer as a way to keep in touch with parents and send out bulletins, rather than send home notes with children that often end up sitting at the bottom of a back pack. Even some municipalities use auto dialer as a way to send out bulletins to residents.

If your business relies on mass calling of any kind, you can save money and time by using auto dialer over more traditional methods. One company that provides auto dialer technology that you can use right through your computer is Fintech Communications. In addition to this service, Fintech Communications can help your business, no matter how small or large, with all of your communication needs.

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