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Predictive Dialer Consultants and IT Services - Tustin, CA

Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Auto-Dialer, Predictive Dialer Services and Auto-Dialer Installation. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

Instead of having your call center team waste their time contacting machines, wouldn't it be better if they spoke only to prospects who are at home and answering the phone? When you use a predictive dialer, the call center representatives will automatically be notified when a person picks up the phone, as opposed to a machine or voice mail. They can then pick up the call and speak directly to a potential customer, cutting down on wasted time making calls that end up going nowhere. This transfer takes only a few seconds.

Studies indicate that telemarketing and debt collecting by phone is most successful with those who are receptive to incoming calls and do not screen calls using a Caller ID system. Unfortunately, there is no way to ascertain those individuals until you actually place a call to their home or business. You can actually cut the time that your call center places in half by allowing them to get right to the source and not waste time calling machines.

Asterisk has a learning curve. Geeky, nerdy types are probably best-suited to setting up, programming, configuring and maintaining Asterisk.

Asterisk is an open source phone system platform that a lot of companies are now utilizing to create highly advanced phone systems. You can transfer calls, conference, add multiple voicemail boxes, create menus, create queues, and more for a fraction of the cost of hardware based systems. Asterisk is pretty raw by itself, and extremely complicated, so using it stand alone is a daunting proposition. Fortunately there are many companies throughout the nation that have developed cleaned up, ready-for-use versions that are easy to use and don't break the bank.

The Technology Support Solution Your Business Needs

vans Fintech Communications is a professional services firm that puts networks of all shapes and sizes to work for our clients. Our goal is to increase your bottom line and open up new avenues of profitability and competitiveness.

Our services are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency. This set of services encompass everything from PC Troubleshooting to Data Centers. Our objective is to provide end-to-end solutions allowing companies to focus on what they do best, their business.

Fintech Communications understands that it is important to integrate new products efficiently and effectively. We develop solutions for your business, and can:

  • Build it from the ground up
  • Add to your existing network
  • Upgrade / replace outdated equipment

Why Fintech Communications?

We have the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve and sustain operational excellence. Our suite of services bridges the gap between what executives, managers and staff have and what they need.

Contact us today and we can answer your questions about Predictive Dialer Consultants. We also buy and sell used cisco equipment in Tustin, CA.

Your Local Partner in Tustin

We have provided Auto-Dialer Installation, computer support, network consulting, Auto-Dialer, Predictive Dialer Services, phone service and installation services for a number of satisfied clients in the Tustin and greater Orange County area, including:

  • Paula Home Stores, Tustin, CA
  • Capital Direct Lending, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Progessive Energy Partners, LLC, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Burnett EngravinNewport Beach, CA
  • Bob's Canvas, Temecula, CA
  • Paula Home Stores, Tustin, CA
  • Days Inn Hotel, Costa Mesa, CA
  •, Costa Mesa, CA
  • ForeFront Capital, Costa Mesa, CA

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The seasonal slowdown at our sports equipment business had me feeling down, you guys lifted me up, and got me the cost-effective technology solution I needed quickly to get through the summer. You cannot imagine how much it helped me.

Sam Hickock,
Sunny Day Sports, Inc

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