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Email/fax/voice Blasts and IT Services - Irvine, CA

Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Broadcast Fax/Voice/Email Blasts and Voice/Fax/Email Broadcast Services. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

Fax Broadcasting

Fax Broadcasting, also called Fax Blasting, could be a major key for success of small business in Irvine, California. Fintech Communication Fax Broadcasting Services on Irvine, CA enables you to reach your target customers instantly. Your message is always opened and your customers can read and respond to it right away.

Some Advantages of Broadcast Fax Services, Irvine, CA

  • There are no investments in new hardware or software for fax broadcasting.
  • Fax Marketing is cost effective and brings immediate results.
  • Fax Broadcasting helps small and midsize businesses to grow faster and makes our economy stronger.
  • Fax broadcasting continues to be an important and cost-effective means for business-to-business communications.

Fax broadcasting is the key for many companies to communicate with their customers. Fax broadcasting software is an excellent way for fax delivery. This software allows you to create and send multiple fax messages to a large number of people at the same time.

It is specially designed to serve small companies, government agencies, and medium-sized enterprises to manage their marketing and business needs. By implementing fax broadcasting software we can deliver faxes more quickly and effectively. This enables the user to save time as well as money. Reliability and simplicity are the two main advantages of implementing fax broadcasting software.

Broadcast Email

Fintech Communication Broadcast E-Mail services allows your Irvine, CA small Business to automatically send the same e-mail message simultaneously (or nearly so) to hundreds, thousands or millions of destinations for your customers on Irvine, CA and worldwide.

This means that now you can send information, such as newsletters, registration deadline reminders, announcements or even invoices, to any number of recipients virtually simultaneously through our Broadcast email services! Our Broadcast email offers you practically effort-free distribution of information at a very affordable cost. Also, having our Broadcast Email service, eanbles you to have the flexibility to send your messages the way you want - as plain text or as fully formatted HTML - without incurring any additional costs.

Not all email blasters are created the same. We're presuming you have permission to email these people, (meaning they have requested information from you or your affiliates at some point) Some email blasters will send your message to there spam box, and we all know allot of people do not even bother to looks in there spam folder. Fintech Communication, Irvine, CA Broadcast Email Service ensures you that each email sent will go directly to your customers and target prospects.

Broadcast Voice

Voice Broadcasting services and Voice Broadcasting solutions by Fintech Communication, Irvine, California are the lowest priced for all types of businesses on Irvine, CA. Our services include voice blasting, voice broadcasting, voice mail broadcasting, autodialing, product marketing, mortgage voice broadcasting, real estate voice broadcasting, political voice broadcasting, non profit voice broadcasting, mortgage leads, live transfers and many more!

If you own or operate a small business, or you are an entrepreneur, network marketer, you are no doubt painfully aware of the biggest challenges facing small businesses of every sort. These include of attracting new prospects, turning them into customers and then keeping them. Fintech Communication Broadcast Voice Services on Irvine, CA gives you an effective solution to all your small business sales and marketing woes on Irvine, California. It's called voice mail broadcasting, or simply voice broadcasting for short. For an almost laughably small amount of money, you can send out custom sales messages to any number of potential prospects and current customers.

Want your sales and marketing message heard above the million ad impressions a year? Want to get private time with someone who could be your next prospect, sale or associate? Do you hate cold calls? Forget all that and change the core dynamics of your business via our voice mail broadcasts Services! We use modern voice broadcasting software to turn your business problems into huge profits! So why wait, call Fintech Communications, Irvine, CA for your voice broadcasting needs.

3CX Unified Communications Features

  • Presence: See user status
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Instant messaging

Business benefits of unified messaging and communications

Unified communications will help your small business streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Reduce or eliminate human delays, for a better, faster interaction and service-delivery for your customers, and realize cost savings for the business. Unified communications also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between co-workers and with suppliers and clients, even if you have remote locations. This allows for possible reductions in business travel, especially with multi-party video communications, reducing an organization's carbon footprint.

The Technology Support Solution Your Business Needs

vans Fintech Communications is a professional services firm that puts networks of all shapes and sizes to work for our clients. Our goal is to increase your bottom line and open up new avenues of profitability and competitiveness.

Our services are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency. This set of services encompass everything from PC Troubleshooting to Data Centers. Our objective is to provide end-to-end solutions allowing companies to focus on what they do best, their business.

Fintech Communications understands that it is important to integrate new products efficiently and effectively. We develop solutions for your business, and can:

  • Build it from the ground up
  • Add to your existing network
  • Upgrade / replace outdated equipment

Why Fintech Communications?

We have the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve and sustain operational excellence. Our suite of services bridges the gap between what executives, managers and staff have and what they need.

Contact us today and we can answer your questions about Email/Fax/Voice Blasts. We also buy and sell used cisco equipment in Irvine, CA.

Your Local Partner in Irvine

We have provided Voice/Fax/Email Broadcast Services, computer support, network consulting, Broadcast Fax/Voice/Email Blasts, phone service and installation services for a number of satisfied clients in the Irvine and greater Orange County area, including:

  • Perkins, Brinson, Ho LLC, Irvine, CA
  • Worldlink Integration Group, Irvine, CA
  • Perkins, Brinson, Ho LLC, Irvine, CA
  • Worldlink Integration Group, Irvine, CA

Let us know if we can answer questions on any of these services: Irvine California IT support, Irvine 3CX business phones, Irvine CA desktop security, Irvine California network consulting, Irvine CA phone system troubleshooting, Irvine California network monitoring, Irvine CA software troubleshooting, Irvine CA Voice Over IP consultants, Irvine California Voice/Data Cabling Installation, Irvine CA Dialer Consulting and Irvine California Voice Drop Installation.


Fintech Communications provided the small business technology solutions I needed to open my third location which has turned out to be the most profitable. Next time I need computer installation or troubleshooting for my business I know who to call.

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