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Auto-dialer, Predictive Dialer Services - Stanton, California

Fintech Communications' professional IT consultants take care of your Auto-Dialer, Predictive Dialer Services and Auto-Dialer Installation. We provide complete solutions to keep your small business running smoothly.

If your business is using telemarketing or even autodialing, perhaps it is time to step up to a predictive dialer system. Unlike auto dialer, that just calls numbers that are inserted into the database, the predictive dialer has the ability to ascertain between a machine answering the phone and an actual human voice. It then switches into high gear and allows for an agent to get on the phone with an actual person. This can end up saving your business time and money.

Most businesses today rely on some form of telemarketing to not only procure new customers based upon leads, but also to let existing customers know about new products and sales being offered. Other businesses use calling individuals as a way to collect debt. The problem with traditional telemarketing by human callers is that your team is spending a lot of time reaching answering machines or voice mail. This accounts for not only wasted time, but extra money as you are most likely paying your call center to make these calls based upon an hourly rate.

If you want to make an announcement, such as a special sale, you can also use auto dialer as a way to advertise to your marketing demographics about the sale. This can be much less expensive than print ads and studies show that it is also more effective at getting the attention of a potential customer. If you have an organization that needs to send out announcements, auto dialer can do so quickly and efficiently, making sure that the announcements are received. Schools often use auto dialer as a way to keep in touch with parents and send out bulletins, rather than send home notes with children that often end up sitting at the bottom of a back pack. Even some municipalities use auto dialer as a way to send out bulletins to residents.

If your business relies on mass calling of any kind, you can save money and time by using auto dialer over more traditional methods. One company that provides auto dialer technology that you can use right through your computer is Fintech Communications. In addition to this service, Fintech Communications can help your business, no matter how small or large, with all of your communication needs.

The Technology Support Solution Your Business Needs

vans Fintech Communications is a professional services firm that puts networks of all shapes and sizes to work for our clients. Our goal is to increase your bottom line and open up new avenues of profitability and competitiveness.

Our services are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency. This set of services encompass everything from PC Troubleshooting to Data Centers. Our objective is to provide end-to-end solutions allowing companies to focus on what they do best, their business.

Fintech Communications understands that it is important to integrate new products efficiently and effectively. We develop solutions for your business, and can:

  • Build it from the ground up
  • Add to your existing network
  • Upgrade / replace outdated equipment

Why Fintech Communications?

We have the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve and sustain operational excellence. Our suite of services bridges the gap between what executives, managers and staff have and what they need.

Contact us today and we can answer your questions about Predictive Dialer Consultants. We also buy and sell used cisco equipment in Stanton, CA.

Your Local Partner in Stanton

We have provided Auto-Dialer Installation, computer support, network consulting, Auto-Dialer, Predictive Dialer Services, phone service and installation services for a number of satisfied clients in the Stanton and greater Orange County area, including:

  • Perkins, Brinson, Ho LLC, Irvine, CA
  • Worldlink Integration Group, Irvine, CA
  • Pro Marine, Lake Elisinor, CA
  • Coldwell Banker, Long Beach, CA
  • Menifee Valley Health Club, Menifee, CA
  • John Hancock, Newport Beach, CA

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After losing my freelance IT consultant, Fintech Communications provided my business with the technology, consulting, and services we needed to take my business to the next level, I will always be grateful you guys did a super job.

James Stower
Stower Florists

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